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Purple Sharks Who?

Welcome to the new blog! We'll be starting with a little intro for you about our history today (are you excited?!) Then we will be filling your feed with what has been fuelling our minds and creative juices, from the history of battle jackets to trends we're endorsing. It's time for the personality behind our pins and patches to shine.

How long have you been around for?

Our journey actually began on eBay, and the first iron on patch was sold on New Years Day of 2015! If that's not a sign of new beginnings, what is?! May 2016 was the start of our big break on Etsy, head over to our store to check out some of the great reviews we've had from our wonderful customers. This site was built and launched in 2019 and will hopefully survive the apocalypse.

TLDR: We've been around for 5+ years.

Where are you based?

Manchester UK, a place that will forever be our home.

Where did the idea come from?

Inspired by traditional battle jackets from the metal and punk scene, we wanted to create a place where alternative products for denim customisation were readily available. We're all for band patches, but there was nothing around that was filling a personal need for bright, loud, outrageous and silly patches.

WTF does your name mean?

It's a s~e~c~r~e~t. Okay, no it's not, there's no hidden meaning. It sounds cool and kind of gives off fun vibes. There's a bit of personal relevance behind it, but mostly, who wouldn't want a patch that is a purple shark?

What's next for Purple Sharks?

We're working on bulking up our product range with fresh patches and pins, and maybe some extras (o0o0o0o). The blog will continue, so you can really get into the story behind the products and have a little insight into the black hole that is the brain of Purple Sharks.

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