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LGBTQ+ Pins Launch

This week marks the launch of the LGBTQ+ flag heart shaped pin badges. Being based in Manchester, the lead up to what would have been Manchester pride weekend felt like the right time for a launch. If they're a hit we will be looking to increase that representation and expand this product range, so let us know if you're on the lookout for a flag we don't have.

Why flags?

The flags began with the universally identifiable rainbow flag in the late 70s. A flag was was specifically chosen by the designer as they believed it was the most recognisable symbol of pride. Since then, the LGBTQ+ communities have developed further flag designs and symbols to show their pride and unity. Symbolic representation within the communities are ever changing and updating as everyone continues to build their knowledge and gain bigger voices.

Why Pins?

Our focus is on patches and pins, that much is obvious. Beyond that, a pin showing pride colours is great for a number of reasons.

They're Subtle.

It's enough for those in the know to see it, appreciate and understand how you may want to approach some subjects. You can make it work with many outfits and styles as it's not overbearing.

They're Removable.

You can switch between having it on loads of your items, and on a more sad and serious note, it can be removed in situations where you feel you can't bring attention to it.

They're High Quality

These babies have a smooth shiny finish with a gold backing, they've got good holding power!

They're For Everyone

You can display it to show your colours, or as an approachable ally.

So, what's new?

1. Rainbow Flag - A symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) pride and social movements.

2. Lesbian Flag - The most common representation of the lesbian flag, stemming from the 2010 lipstick lesbian design.

3. Bisexual Flag - Designed with three colours to represent attraction across the gender spectrum.

4. Transgender Flag - Featuring typical gender associated colours, with the white in the middle representing transition, neutral or undefined gender.

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