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Based on Battle Jackets

Earlier we told you about how Purple Sharks was originally inspired by battle jackets from the punk and metal scene, so now we're back to tell you exactly what they are (if you don't know already!).

Battle jacket, battle vest, cut-off.

These are the most common names for what we're talking about, if you have any others in your vocab please do let us know.

Think denim or leather, cut off sleeves, logos, badges, studs... and here we have it. Heavily popular in music cultures, almost all that you will see will be covered in band patches.

Originating from biker culture, this style of jacket was later picked up by the metal and punk scene, with each now subculture adding their own twist to it.


Known for the leather and showing their club (colours)


Most likely to be denim, it will be covered in band patches and we can guarantee a lot will be BLACK. The main feature being the huge back patch, it will be one of the wearers favourtie bands, supported by the rest of the small patches surrounding it and covering the front.


Possibly the most extra of all, added the DIY element. No thread? Use tooth floss. Empty space? Fill it up with spiky studs. Can't buy patches? Paint your favourite band logo on, no matter what your art skills are like.

Why do we love them so much?

Putting together a battle jacket (if you see it through to the end!) is a process, for most, it is the biggest expression of personality through clothing they might make. Each addition of a patch or stud is thoroughly thought through, and a lot of love goes into creating them, especially if you do the hard work of laying out and applying everything yourself.

They are pretty much timeless, they have been around for years, even now you only need to get yourself to one metal or punk gig and you'll see them out in force. They can always be relevant, with younger fans adorning them with patches of bands the older metal guys probably aren't even aware of. Even so, there is the uniform understanding that the battle jacket is a representation of that person.

The Vision

Battle jackets have been favoured by subcultures who go against the grain, and we want to take that one step further, with a focus on something different to bands. This idea can both encompass and go beyond music, projecting colours, themes and ideas you can't project through a band logo. That's where we're trying to take it.

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