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5 Things We Learned Back in 2016 When Embroidered Patches Were A Fashion Staple

Picture this, it's 2016 and you've just opened Look magazine (R.I.P.) to soak up the latest high street trends, you seriously couldn't avoid patches if you tried. Featuring photos of our 2016 trend scrapbook; here's our 5 main thoughts from the year embroidered patches hit the mainstream.

1. Emojis are not a good look

We're guilty as well, we thought it could be a thing, but WHY? Emojis were becoming more universally recognised at the time, they were the perfect shapes for patches so we guess everyone rolled with it. Let's face it though, they look awful right? Look at the PJs from our trend scrap book, they look like something a toddler would be wearing to bed.

2. 90's kids won't let go of the past

There's no doubt that this trend was inspired by the looks of the 90's, having us look back lovingly at customised school bags and blazers. If there's one thing that everyone buys into, it's 90's trends, there is always some sort of revival on the horizon like the resurgence of face and hair gems going on right now.

3. Floral patches and embroidery is entry level embellishment

For those who don't like to be loud, floral patches and embroidery styles were the gateway to getting used to the trend. Using patterns that are safe, but with a new texture, was a great way to start getting people into the trend. Clever work fashion industry.

4. Denim will constantly evolve

It would have been hard to find a plain denim jacket in 2016, any new ones on the highstreet had at least one patch or badge plastered on it. Denim always has been, and will be, a main feature in our wardrobes. However, the way we wear is always changing. Shortly after the patch boom we saw new elements still with a strong customised feel, but with a move away from the patched look. We don't doubt that patched denim will be back in force once again someday.

5. DIY culture is still somewhat niche

One of the main realisations about this hey day for embroidered patches is that DIY culture is still quite niche. People bought into this patch trend massively, but mainly through the pre-patched garments readily available on the high street. We had countless questions from people unsure about how to use embroidered patches themselves, or exactly where to place them. Choice and satisfaction really is the beauty of doing it yourself though.

Anyone feeling unsure about taking the plunge and patching something themselves can contact us and we will happily give you some guidance.

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